ABB EDP-300 Advanced Electro-Pneumatic Positioner

ABB’s PositionMaster digital positioner delivers a single control solution for all your small and large valves. Its ability to operate under a wide variety of air pressures enables you to automate nearly all your valves with one positioner, saving time and money. In addition, its built-in intelligence enables it to adapt to any control value at the push of a button, while a host of functions – like partial stroke testing and fail-safe or fail-in-position – provide you the highest operational performance.

EDP300 Stainless Steel Case

EDP 300 in stainless steel case

EDP300 with Gauge Block

EDP300 with gauge block and gauges

EDP300 Display

EDP Internal and display

EDP300 Positioner Benefits

EDP benefits
Robust Design
- High mechanical vibration capability 10g 80Hz
- Non contact position sensor for high dynamic load applications
- Stainless Steel housing for aggressive process atmospheres
Universal Design
- Optional pressure modules for valve diagnostic
- Valve performance signature
- One device for single and double acting applications
- One device for Linear and Part turn actuators
- Usable for Partial stroke and Modulating applications

EDP300 Positioner Features

EDP feastures
Fast and Easy Setup and programming
- Clear Text HMI, no need for instruction manual
Advanced algorithm for accurate positioning
- Selectable adaptive control mode
Universal Mounting solutions according ISO and Namur
- Linear or Rotary actuators
Option for Stainless Steel Housing
- Suitable for aggressive high corrosion applications
Universal Positioner design for any actuator design
- Linear or Rotary
- Single acting or Double acting
Control safety design on loss of demand signal VDI3748
- Fail safe (move valve to open or close position)
- Fail-In-Place (hold last valid valve position)

EDP300 Positioner Configuration

EDP Electronic Display
The built-in LCD indicator with four pushbuttons supports the following functions:
- operational monitoring
- Manual intervention during live operation
- Device configuration
- Fully automatic commissioning
- Display of diagnostic messages