Robershaw Capacitance Level products

Model 7000 Continuous Level Transmitter

The can be used to measure the level of liquids and solids in a variety of tanks, bins, totes etc. These products are based on measuring the capacitance between a probe and the wall of the vessel. These are also classed as RF ( Radio Frequency) Admittance, RF Impedance level measuring devices. Robertshaw provide Control Units and Probes for Single Point, Multipoint ( two points on a single probe ) and Continuous ( 4-20ma current output). The continuous level measurement can be used with 4-20ma alarms to generate multiple alarms from a single probe. Units are avalable with general purpose enclosures and explosion proof enclosures for hazardous areas.

These units all require a capacitance probe to operate. See Probes

Excalibur 7000 Microprocessor Based Level Control System

Robertshaw Model 7000 level transmitter The Robertshaw EXCALIBUR 7000 offers you TWO INSTRUMENTS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE.

Both a SMART RF capacitance microprocessor based Level Transmitter and PID Controller, this unique instrument provides the flexibility to meet all your level application requirements. The Excalibur 7000 has built-in PID Control with AUTO TUNE to eliminate offset and provide accuracy and stability.

The auto tune feature eliminates periodic on-line tuning by automatically matching control action with your particular process characteristics. This feature alone eliminates many hours of fine tuning to your particular process and the need for, and the cost of, a separate controller.

Patented optional RF anti-coating circuitry eliminates errors due to product build-up on the probe assuringyou of accurate level measurements in all types of coating applications.


  • Smart transmitter and PID controller w/auto tune
  • Menu driven setup/calibration with keypad entry
  • Setpoint and process variable displays
  • Test/verify push-button (remote)
  • Anti-coating circuitry (optional) ignores build-up on probes
  • Field selectable input linearization for open channel flow or non -cylindrical / horizontal vessels
  • Optional two or four alarm relays w / T. D. & differential
  • Continuous self diagnostics
  • Communication options include isolated 4-20 ma output, serial communications RS232 or RS485, or HART protocol
  • Patented PFM transmitter provides digital transmission up to 1 mile with standard twisted pair cable (no coax or triax needed)
  • NEMA 4x or explosion proof enclosures optional
  • Fieldbus upgradeable
  • Intrinsically safe PFM transmitter, ul/c-ul listed (standard version only)

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -