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Pressure Transmitters

Flow ABB

Link to Wika's Pressure Transmitters


Liquid Level


Vortex Swirl

Integral Orifice


Pitot Tube




Robertshaw Industrial Products Level Control

Level - Single Point
Level - Multi Point

Level - Continuous


Liquid Level Transmitters

Link to Wallace & Tiernan (Wika) Calibrators and Pressure Gauges

Precision Gauges

Differential Pressure
Pressure Transmitters

Pressure Regulators

Pressure Snubbers



Valve Automation

BBQ Thermometers

Bimetal Thermometer

RTD Transmitters

Sanitary Transmitters


Digital Gauges

Temperature Regulator

ABB TZID-C Intelligent Positioner

Control Valves

Valve Positioners

I/P Converters

P/I Converters

Pneumatic Controls

Solenoid Valves
Linear Actuators



Link to Robertshaw vibration Switches and Vibration Transmitters

Vibration Switches

Vibration Monitors

Vibration Transmitters

Vibration Detectors
Vibration Analysis

Portable Calibrators
Deadweight Testers
Loop Calibrators
Dry Block Calibrators
Calibration Baths
High Accuracy Temp.
Digital Indicators


Control Valves

Solenoid Valves

Robertshaw Pneumatic Control Valves and Regulators

Control Valves

Temperature Regulators

Pressure Regulators

Valcor General Purpose Solenoid Valve

General Purpose




Pinch Valves


Shop On Line

 BSI [Buck Sales Inc] is pleased to announce our on-line store:
For a select group of popular products that are kept in inventory.

Mensor Wika Calibration
 Mensor Wika Calibration products including pressure calibrators and controllers, digital indicators, barometers, dead weight testers, calibration baths, dry block calibrators and more.

Intempco Temperature Transmitters
  Intempco has developed a full range of RTD temperature transmitters in various configurations. The M12 micro connector is the standard connector, but other options are available

Intempco Digital Temperature Gauges
 Intempco DTGs are RTD temperature transmitters available with LED and LCD displays in a number of configurations. They can provide a 4-20ma signal as well as digital outputs in some models

Wallace & Tiernan 65-120 CalibratorReconditioned 65-120 Calibrators

Factory certified  with NIST traceable certification
New 65-120 are also available.

Digital Calibrator

 Mensor has redesigned the formally wallace & tiernan well known Wally Box portable electo-pneumatic calibrator. This features an electronic pressure pump, 24VDC and 4-20 ma generation and measurement. Standard is 100 psi and up to 10,000 psi with optional CPT6600 Pressure Module

Link to ABB rotameterABB Rotameters  

We are now an authorized distributor for ABB Rotameter (Variable Area Flow meters) Line. We can help in providing functionally equivalent models for the Fisher and Porter and formally wallace & tiernan meter

Link to Contact PageNew Location

We have moved our Office from Middlesex to Succasunna NJ Please see out Contact Page for our updated information

 Wika Tronic Pressure TransmittersLink to Wika's Pressure Transmitters

Wika has a full line of electronic pressure transmitters and displays for general purpose, hazardous and sanitary applications

Mid-West Differential Pressure

We are an authorized distributor of Mid-West  Differential Pressure Gauges, Switches and Transmitters

Trend BBQ Thermometer, grilling ThermometerTrend Thermometer with BBQ Scale

High grade Industrial thermometer with special smoker, BBS and Grilling Dial





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