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Robertshaw Vibration Monitor Model 365A-A8

365A vibration switch The Model 365A-A8, 120 Volt AC reset coil and is meant for hazardous areas including:
Class I, Div. 1, Group B, C & D
Class II, Div. 1, Group E, F & G
Enclosure 4 or 4X;

The 356A-A8 has 120 VAC reset coil which allows for remote resetting of the unit from a safe and convenient location and can be used during startup when initial vibration might cause the switch to trip
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The Model 365A-A8 vibration switch provides protection for large motors, pumps, compressors, and other rotating equipment by alerting the user to excess vibration. Failing bearings, bent shafts, broken blades, over-speeding and similar malfunctions cause increased imbalance or high frequency vibration detectable with the model 365A vibration switch. The instrument may be wired to actuate an alarm or cause a shutdown before costly damage occurs. The switch is designed for maintenance-free service in permanent installations.

Acceleratory measurements made by the vibration switch are the summation of all the individual accelerations giving a total destructive force acting on the machine - the result is positive worry free protection.

Features & Benefits

Explosion Proof (Flame Proof)
UL & c-UL Certified (Model 365A) UL, c-UL & CE (ATEX) Certified (Model E365A)
Weather Proof
Type 4 & IP66 (all models) Type 4X (optional)
Remote electrical or manual at unit Either AC or DC voltages available
Optional Gold Contacts
For low voltage/current applications
Sensitive Measures destructive forces Minimum Maintenance
No moving parts except at trip level

365A Ordering Codes

Ordering Code:
[Model] - [Switch Contacts_Remote Reset] - [Special Options]
Example 365A-A8

365A - Vibration Swtich (Vibraswitch®), Weatherproof NEMA type 4 & 12 Enclosure Range: 0 - 4.5G
E365 - Vibraswitch, CE (ATEX) Certified for Europe, UL Certified for the U.S.A. & c-UL Certified for Canada
Switch Options
A - SPDT - Single pole, double throw load contacts
D - DPDT - 2 gang mounted SPDT load switches
G - DPDT – 2 gang mounted SPDT sealed switches with gold contacts for low voltage/current applications. Not CSA Certified
Remote Reset Voltage
0 - No reset coil
2 - 24 volt DC reset coil voltage
3 - 240 volt AC reset coil voltage. Not CSA Certified
4 - 48 volt DC reset coil voltage
7 - 120 volt DC reset coil voltage
8 - 120 volt AC reset coil voltage
Special Options
_ - No special options. Enclosure 4 & IP66, unpainted aluminum.
E - Enclosure 4X & IP66, exterior painted with gray epoxy enamel.
H - Space heater installed for maintaining internal area of unit moisture free. Space heater voltage same as reset coil voltage.
EH -Enclosure 4X & IP66, exterior painted with gray epoxy enamel, and space heater installed for maintaining internal area of enclosure moisture free.
H and EH options are not available with 366-D3 or 366-G3

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